Dental Insurance 

We understand that choices are an important part of your healthcare experience. We are excited to see people realizing the importance of their dental health and the role it plays in their overall health and well-being.  Below are a few common questions we respond to regularly.

Dr. Visscher and Team are in-network for Cigna and Delta Dental. However, we will work with any PPO insurance plan.

Golden Peak Dental offer's extended payment arrangements

Our goal is to provide our patients with personal and outstanding dental health care. This level of care is an excellent investment in your health and well-being. We believe financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining optimum and needed dental treatment We offer a 5% courtesy reduction in our fee when you pay with either cash or check at the time of service. If you are over the age of 60 that courtesy extends to a 10% reduction when paying with cash or check at the time of service.

In addition to our acceptance of most major credit cards, we are pleased to offer extended payment arrangements through Care Credit. Once a treatment plan has been decided upon our office will be happy to contact them on your behalf. In many cases approval status may be determined during your office visit. Care Credit offers NO interest options for up to 12 months, low monthly payments and no prepayment penalties.

What should I know about dental insurance?

Dental insurance isn't actually insurance to cover the cost of a loss, it is a benefit designed to pay for only a portion of your dental care. Insurance companies are in the business of showing a bottom line profit for their shareholders. While insurances were never meant to cover all costs, it is discouraging to see people pass on optimum health based solely on what a corporation says is available, much less appropriate for them.

We submit insurance claims to various carriers as a courtesy to our patients. We will always do our best to help you maximize your dental benefits. We decline to be a preferred provider for any one company because the insurance companies primary goal is cost containment, not your oral health. This approach historically does not equate to adequate much less quality dental care.

How does my insurance company determine their allotted benefits?
Your carrier negotiates the fees that will be paid for each procedure with your employer depending on the premium your employer is willing to pay for your policy. Your employer negotiates yearly maximums, excluded procedures and sets the fees based on what they describe as Usual, Customary and Reasonable. UCR is not defined as what is necessary or even what the market rate is for your geographic region. UCR is simply the negotiated fees that were previously determined by your carrier and employer.

Why doesn't Brandon Visscher participate in other dental network plans besides Cigna Dental & Delta Dental?
Our practice is focused on integrity, excellence and an ongoing quality of care. This simply is not obtainable when allowing an outside source to dictate the care of an individual, based on a spread sheet rather then the person them self. We strive to be one of Colorado's best and highly trusted practices. It is only in doing what is best for you, by treating you as an individual, with goals, concerns, desires and time lines we are able to do so.

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