Restore A Damaged Tooth With Dental Fillings

By Ronald Morse DDS, PC
September 06, 2016
Category: Dental Health
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Learn how dental fillings from your Lakewood, CO dentist can strengthen damaged teeth

Statistics show that about 92% of adults will suffer from tooth decay at some point between the ages of 20 and 64. Also known as dentalfillings caries or cavities, this decay can be easily treated with a dental filling if caught early.

The process is simple: the decayed portion of your tooth is removed, then replaced with a strong material such as amalgam or composite resin. Read on to find out why treating decay with dental fillings is one of the best things you can do for a damaged tooth.

Advantages of Dental Fillings

Fillings keep your teeth strong and healthy. Getting a filling at the first sign of trouble is a simple way to prevent bigger problems later. Avoiding a filling gives your tooth time to decay more severely, which can lead to infections, root canals, or even extraction. Receiving a filling as soon as you need it will stop decay in its tracks, restoring your smile to health with less hassle.

Fillings are one of the most common dental procedures. For many people, cleanings and fillings are the baseline of their dental care. A simple filling can be completed in some cases in as little as 15-30 minutes to keep your smile healthy and pain-free, and any discomfort you might fear will be alleviated with the right type of anesthetic for your needs.

Fillings can be aesthetically pleasing for a natural look. Gone are the days of having a silver-spotted smile just because you had a cavity or two. Composite resin is a tooth-colored material that allows you to restore the health of your teeth without sacrificing the look of your smile.

Lakewood, CO Dentist

Even if your teeth feel fine, schedule a check-in with your dentist every six months to have your teeth cleaned and looked over for cavities. A single appointment now can save you from being in pain and needing more extensive procedures later. Request your appointment with Dr. Ronald L. Morse, your Lakewood, CO dentist, or call (303) 279-6929 today.