Look 15 Years Younger

Look 15 Years Younger Just By Going To The Dentist

Dr. Morse and the rest of our Team recently read an inspiring article in the monthly Bottom Line publication.  Did you know that just by going to the dentist, you can make yourself look 15 years younger? Yes, that is right.  As it turns out, the dental solutions of porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental implants, night guards, new dental fillings, and/or new dentures can dramatically enhance a beautiful smile that you can be proud of in the years to come.   These dental solutions not only guard against the age-related changes that eventually dull a smile; but, these dental procedures can help shed years off of your appearance.

According to Marvin A. Fier, a Diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry, the following common age-related problems can be fixed with these dental solutions:

  • Problem-Worn Teeth

Years of chewing, grinding, or clinching can result in shorter teeth and a shorter distance from the chin to the nose.

Solution-Porcelain veneers or dental crowns can restore the youthful shape, size, and length of teeth.  As a result, your smile can be dramatically improved.

  • Problem-Missing Teeth

Our teeth shape our smiles and cheek areas.  Because of this, just one missing tooth can result in a face with a “sunken” appearance.

Solution-Dental implants can serve as a strong new tooth that fully shapes your face.   As a result, your cheek areas are supported and appear fuller.

  • Problem-Abnormal Jaw Position

Individuals, who suffer from temporomandibular disorder (TMD), can appear to have a distorted face simply because the jaw joint is affected.

Solution-A night guard, that your dentist custom fits to your specific teeth and jaw shape, can help your jaw move back to a normal position.   Your repositioned lower jaw can help relieve pain and restore a more normal appearance.

  • Problem-Deteriorated Fillings

Older dental fillings can be made out of silver amalgam.  These fillings can darken and appear as gray shadows on your teeth.  These shadows result in an unattractive older looking smile.

Solution- Your dentist can replace your old filling with non-metal, tooth colored fillings.    These new fillings restore your youthful appearance, and are much more pleasing to the eye cosmetically.

  • Problem- Deteriorated Crowns

The original appearance of old crowns will not last forever.  As your gums recede with age, a thin gray line can appear between the crown and gum.

Solution- Your dentist can replace your old crown with a new crown that blends in better with a beautiful, youthful smile.

  • Problem-Gummy Smile

As you age, changes in the health and shape of your gums can hurt your appearance and add years to your smile.

Solution- Your dentist can use a dental laser to sculpt your gums so they appear cosmetically in proportion to your teeth.

  • Problem-Poor Denture Fit

Older partials or complete dentures can start to misalign and fit poorly as the gums and bone age over time.  Your muscles can exhaust themselves to keep your dentures in place, and as a result, more wrinkles can form around your mouth and even the appearance of jowls.

Solution- Make sure that you regularly visit your dentist so he/she can check the fit of your dentures.  If they fit poorly, it may be time for you to have them replaced so you can better maintain your youthful smile.


In conclusion, the aging process affects all of us.  Fortunately, with the skilled dental care of Dr. Morse and Team, you can optimize your youthful smile and appearance just by taking care of your mouth. 

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Fier, Marvin, DDS, FASDA. “Look 15 Years Younger Just by Going to the Dentist.” Bottom Line/ Personal.  Volume 34, Number 5. March 1, 2013: page 9. Print.

Photo courtesy of lakeoconeedentalblog.com