Dental Injections and Dental Instrument Sterilization


Dental Injections and Dental Instrument Sterilization


In the wake of a Denver oral surgeon’s hazardous and harmful dental injection practices, several patients in our practice have recently inquired about our needle procedures and sterilization processes.  According to, “Dr. Stein is accused of re-using needles and syringes for days at a time on his patients over the course of 12 years. He had two practices - one in Denver and one in Highlands Ranch.”  

In our Team’s opinion, all health care providers should be responsible for making sure that every injection they give is safe.  Our Team completely understands our patients’ safety concerns, and they can be reassured by the following information about our safe, diligent practices and procedures:

·         Contrary to the gross negligence practiced by this oral surgeon, Dr. Morse’s and Team’s injection procedures adhere to the motto, “Only One Needle, Only One Syringe, and Only One Time!” For over 35 years now, Dr. Morse has always used a brand new sterile needle for every injection that he has given.  After the injection, the used needle is immediately disposed of in a hazardous waste sharps container, and never used again.  Any needle and syringe used in our dental practice are single use devises, never to be used for more than one patient.  Our Lakewood Dental Practice prides itself on our safe injections procedures used for every patient.

·         As for our practice’s sterilization procedures, Dr. Morse and Team have always followed the guidelines and processes outlined by the Centers for Disease Control.  Every dental instrument is thoroughly sterilized after each use on each patient.  For all dental instruments and handpieces used to penetrate soft tissue, bone, or come in contact with any bodily fluids, our Team sterilizes these instruments by using steam under pressure (autoclaving).  Before the autoclaving process even begins, we place instruments in the ultrasonic to reduce our direct handling of contaminated instruments.  Once in the ultrasonic cleaner, these instruments then soak and vibrate in disinfectant to remove any debris.   After the instruments are cleaned in the ultrasonic, they are packaged, placed in our STATIM autoclave sterilizer, and begin the autoclaving sterilization process.  After the STATIM completes its autoclaving cycle, these newly sterilized dental instruments remain in the packaging until use to protect them from outside contamination.

In conclusion, our Team cares passionately about upholding quality dental care, oral health, and safety for all of our patients.  For decades now, our own Team members have trusted this dental practice to provide outstanding dental care for themselves and for their dearly loved family members.  We are proud of our deep commitment to the dental health and wellbeing of patients, friends, and family. As our valued patient, please be confident about our Team’s dedication to you, your health, and your safety. 


To read more information about the injection safety standards that we follow, please refer to: CDC: