Dental Bridges for Lakewood patients restore smiles with missing teeth

Lakewood Residents! Dental Bridges Help Restore Smiles When Teeth are Missing

Dental Bridges to restore teeth in Lakewood
In the past, a chipped, broken or missing tooth meant that you were left with very few options. Many times, dentures were the only option for you to effectively restore your smile. Thanks to many advances in dental technology, today you have a variety of restorative options that can give you your smile back. And when teeth are missing, a common restorative procedure is a dental bridge for Lakewood patients.

Patients in Lakewood Explore Dental Bridges and Their Purpose

While a dental crown is used to repair a broken or chipped tooth, a dental bridge is used to fully replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. A dental bridge consists of a replacement artificial tooth that is anchored in place on both sides by dental crowns.
To install a dental bridge for patients in Lakewood, Dr. Ronald Morse will begin by applying local anesthetic to the area and then filing down the two teeth that will receive crowns. After this, an impression of the area will be taken and sent off to a dental lab. You will be given a temporary bridge to wear while your permanent one is created.
Once your permanent one arrives, your dentist will check to make sure it fits correctly and then permanently cement it in your mouth. With the proper care, your dental bridge can then last as long as 15 years.