Children's Dental Health Awareness Month

As we wrap up February, Dr. Morse, Dr. Visscher, and Team want to recognize the importance of this Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month.  Since 1941, The American Dental Association uses the month of February to raise awareness about the importance of children’s oral health in communities across the country.  The ADA advocates that, “Developing good habits at an early age scheduling regular dental visits helps children to get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.”

Whether you are a busy parent, a caregiver, or a valued teacher, please help promote the benefits of good oral health to children.  Our own Dr. Visscher visited several area schools this month, and in the classrooms, he educated children about the benefits of healthy dental habits and routine dental visits. Well done Dr. Visscher! Dr. Morse and his Team are so proud of his superb dental expertise and dedication to children’s dental health in the community.