Are Dental Bridges Right for Me?

By Ronald Morse DDS, PC
July 27, 2015
Category: Family Dentistry
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Are you considering visiting your Lakewood, CO dentist, Ronald L. Morse DDS, PC, for a dental bridge but you aren't sure if a dental bridge is the best option? With several tooth replacement options available, choosing just the right one can be tricky. While you will Bridgeswant to speak to your dentist to find out for sure, here are four signs a dental bridge might be the perfect option for you.

1. You have one or more missing or badly damaged teeth.

Because dental bridges are a fairly invasive procedure, they aren't used to fix minor tooth issues such as discoloration, crookedness, oddly shaped teeth or small chips or cracks. Instead, dental bridges are used to replace teeth that are badly damaged or missing altogether. Your condition will need to be fairly serious before your Lakewood, CO dentist will consider you for a dental bridge.

2. Your surrounding teeth are in good condition.

Dental bridges hold your new replacement crowns securely in place by creating a bridge that attaches to your teeth on either side. In order for your bridge to hold securely, your surrounding teeth will need to be in place and in good condition. Of course, if your surrounding teeth are in excellent condition, you may not want to attach a bridge to them, as this requires permanently shaving down your existing teeth.

3. You are not a good candidate for dental implants.

In addition to dental bridges, dental implants are another popular tooth replacement option many of Dr. Morse's patients consider. Dental implants are permanent and reliable, and they don't require your surrounding teeth to be shaved down. If you are not a good candidate for dental implants, however, a dental bridge may be your next best option.

4. You prefer a tooth replacement option that is not removable.

Natural looking, affordable and easy to clean, dentures are another popular option among Dr. Morse's patients, particularly for those missing more than one or two teeth. With dentures, however, you do run the risk of dropping, breaking or forgetting your false teeth every time you take them out. Choosing a nonremovable dental bridge is one great way to eliminate this problem.

If you're tired of looking at your damaged or gapped smile and you're ready to reclaim your beautiful, picture-perfect smile once again, visiting your Lakewood, CO dentist for a dental bridge is one great way to make that happen. This isn't a procedure you'll want to choose lightly, however. Call Dr. Morse first to discuss if a dental bridge may be the right treatment for you.