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Dental Health For Your Child

It’s that time of year again, and your child’s summer splendor is almost over.  Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock- school is just around the corner, and your busy parental schedule is changing yet again. Dr. Morse and his Team want to remind you of some key healthy dental tips for the back to school days.

First, place a small toothbrush and toothpaste in you child’s backpack to use after lunch.  Even though your child might voice his/her dislike of the idea, you can tell your child that his/her classmates will think that it is such a “cool” habit when your child continues to have healthy dental checkups.

Second, fill the lunch box with nutritious food.  Foods like apples, celery, and yogurt happen to be dental friendly too.

Third, replace the ‘fruit drink’ that you would normally pack with a water bottle.  Even though ‘fruit drinks’ might seem like a healthy alternative to soda pop, most have only a trace amount of fruit juice and a lot of added sugar (high fructose corn syrup).

Fourth, if your child plays sports, make sure that he/she protects her smile with a mouth guard.  The CDC estimates that 3 million teeth are knocked out per year at youth sporting events.

Lastly, remember schedule your child for regular dental cleanings and checkups with your favorite Lakewood, CO dental office at 303-279-6929/ www.wecreategreatsmiles.com.  We look forward to seeing you!