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By Ronald Morse DDS, PC
August 22, 2014
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BOTOX Cosmetic has revolutionized the anti-aging industry for its ability to temporarily “freeze” overactive muscles, creating a smoother-appearing face. However, BOTOX is an amazing tool for more than just its ability to make you look younger. At our Lakewood, CO dentist’s office, BOTOX also has uses in treating common dental-related issues such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and chronic headaches from teeth grinding. Botox Cosmetic Logo

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a form of Botulinum toxin. This protein acts like an “off” switch for nerve endings in muscles. When injected into key areas, the nerves temporarily stop communicating with their corresponding muscles. This keeps the muscles from excessively contracting. A few days after BOTOX injections, the skin above the muscles appear smoother because it is not subject to motion that “scrunches” the skin and makes it appear wrinkled. Over time, the body absorbs the BOTOX proteins, which is why you can expect your results to last between three and six months. This is not unlike teeth-whitening treatments, which require occasional upkeep to maintain your results.

In the Dental Office

The same anti-muscle movement benefits BOTOX offers those with wrinkles can be applied to TMD sufferers who come to our Lakewood, CO cosmetic dentist’s office. Patients who experience soreness and discomfort in their jaw muscles related to TMD can experience relief when these overactive muscles get a break. Patients who come in our office virtually unable to speak or chew due to TMD can experience relaxation of the muscles via BOTOX injections. As a non-surgical treatment associated with very few side effects, BOTOX has given hope to many TMD sufferers who experience chronic pain.
BOTOX has additional uses in the dentist’s office as a relaxant for overused muscles in chronic teeth grinders. Because grinding the teeth can lead to chipped, cracked and worn-down teeth (as well as pain), using BOTOX to reduce teeth grinding can help patients experience significant results.
Dr. Morse has undergone extensive training to learn the best practices for utilizing BOTOX for its many facial benefits. He offers BOTOX treatments for both cosmetic, anti-wrinkling purposes as well as to treat dental-related conditions. Because dentists are uniquely trained in understanding facial esthetics and muscle movement, experts like Dr. Morse are well-qualified to use BOTOX for to help you look younger.
To learn more about how BOTOX can help you experience pain relief and/or look younger, please call our Lakewood, CO dentist’s office at (303) 279-6929 to schedule an appointment.