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A Day In My Life As Beau, The Therapy Dog


In the evenings before a patient requests me for his/her dental appointment, my Mom gives my brother, KJ, and me a sudsy bath.  I guess being a therapy dog is worth the bath even though the endless soap bubbles cover up my authentic puppy smell.  On the days that I work, my morning starts really early.  As a “working dog”, I just can’t sleep in and snuggle in my Mom and Dad’s warm bed because there are many laps that I need to sit on and so many patients to comfort.  My Mom packs my brother, KJ, and me up into our comfortable pet carrier, and into the back seat of the car we go.

After a short car ride down the mountain to my dental office, my Mom carries my brother and me into the office and unzips our carrier, and now I am free to motor about.  Being the responsible Yorkie that I am, I first check to see that Mom remembered all of my necessities:  first, my water bowl…check; second, my pee pad in the dental lab…check; third, my little doggy treats…check, and lastly; my squeaky toys…check, check.  Oh my Mom remembers everything!  OK, now I can start working. 

Skip, Hop, Trot, down the hall I go.  I follow my busy Mom into the reception room.  Oh, now she is greeting and hugging a patient, and together they both walk towards a treatment room.  Goody, Goody, I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Yeah, Mom just reached down, picked me up, and into the patient’s lap I sit. I think that I recognize this patient.  She is smiling at me, talking baby talk to me, holding me close, and I remember now… she is one of my biggest fans!  Gosh, I have so many of these fans; but, I guess that this comes with the territory.

Woooosh, Sssssssss, Woooooosh, Ssssssssssss,  drill, drill, Ssssssssssssss.  These are all of the noises that I am use to.  I wish that I could just verbally tell the patient that she is going to be okay, and the dentist is doing a great job.   But, because I can’t speak English very well, I guess I can just fall asleep in her lap while she concentrates on how cute I am.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, What, we are done already? The patient is now admiring her smile in the mirror, and praising me for being such a good boy.  And, now my Mom is lifting me out of her lap and praising me also.  So, now I trot and skip back to the lunch room and snuggle up next to my brother in our pet carrier.  I guess that I will take a little snooze until the next appointment needs me.

So, now you ask, “Why do you do it Beau?  What motivates you to get up in the morning and go to work?”  Well, my answer is that I love making a difference in people’s lives.  I love helping people.  I am small yet I am mighty, and yes… I know that as a service dog I could have been a guide dog, an avalanche dog, or even a police dog; but,  I chose to be a therapy dog.  I love to comfort patients in their time of need,  I love to help these individuals forget their troubles , and I love to calm the patients  as Dr. Morse and team takes care of their oral health.  Yes…this is what motivates me to get up in the morning.


-Written by Ashley Morse