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By contactus
January 04, 2012
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Remember to include your dental health in your 2012 New Year's resolution!--It's worth it!


Dr. Morse and his Team would like to help you achieve your very best dental health this New Year.  That's right, your resolution to visit our office twice a year benefits your smile, dental health, and overall health.

According to bestdentistnews.com, “Regular dental visits and daily brushing and flossing are important because they help you keep bacteria and plaque from building up between your teeth and gums. Bacteria and plaque are what lie behind tooth decay and gum disease, but they have also been linked to problems in the rest of the body, too.”

So, your investment in your dental health is not just for a beautiful smile—it’s about your overall health and wellness.  Dr. Morse and his Team look forward taking care of you during your next visit to the dentist.